Zen Spa

We have prepared a dedicated treatment room for Zen Spa on the second floor of the building facing THE GARDEN TAKEZONO. While enjoying the beautiful view of the lush bamboo forest, we will carefully loosen your mind with treatments tailored to each individual. Please take this opportunity to spend a blissful moment with us.

Zen and Spa

Zen the spa at the spa is not common in “healing” aims to “treatment” that the purpose of health. Tends to be a repeat of that, also restored immediately undergo treatment at the spa feeling of the moment. Counseling will be comprehensive, including the “sleep”,”spa”,”meal” at our spa. We have treatments in the techniques of “pressure adjustment ZEN” concept to master the mind and body healthy to healthy beauty, body should not make disease by symptoms painful disease to our guests
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Pressure Massage

Techniques to master the body beautiful axis the health of skin, muscle, bone, lymph and blood.
anti-aging The beautifully revived to adjust the skeletal muscle and lymph. “Pressure” to arrive until the “bone”,”muscle” of the way into the skin.
Techniques that extrude from the back is the ultimate technique to rejuvenate the whole body metabolism urged.
detox Prompts you to improve emissions and toxins detox constitution by four seasons. Technique assess the constitution of another four seasons in your body, going back to the center opened in the muscle was chosen to separate oil affinity constitution.
slim Unwanted materials to distribute the accumulated loss under the skin. This procedure will produce a “NO” removes extra parts in the body of.

Salon Menu

Zen pressure adjustment menu of "Kiwami(anti-aging)" "Satori(detox)" and "Ku(slim)

< Pressere adjustment >

  • ・30minutes・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 8,000yen
  • ・60minutes・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・16,000yen
  • ・90minutes・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・24,000yen
  • ・120minutes・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・32,000yen

< Pressure adjustment and facial >

  • ・Pressure adjustment 30 minutes + facial 30 minutes ・・・18,000yen
  • ・Pressure adjustment 60 minutes + facial 30 minutes ・・・26,000yen
  • ・Pressure adjustment 90 minutes + facial 30 minutes ・・・34,000yen

< Option >

  • ・Extend every 10minutes ・・・・・・・2,000yen
  • ・Foot care 30minutes・・・・・・・8,000yen
    (Foot bath + Oil + Cuticalcare + Various of oil(organic Jojoba oil or Son horse oil))

In room massage

Zen pressure adjustment menu of “Goku” “Go” and “Ku”
*No additional fee for massage in the room
*Treatment using cream

< Pressure adjustment >

  • ・30minutes・・・・・・・・8,000yen
  • ・60minutes・・・・・・・・16,000yen
  • ・90minutes・・・・・・・・24,000yen
  • ・120minutes・・・・・・・ 32,000yen
*Extend every 10 minutes・・・・2,500yen

< Shiatsu treatment >

  • ・30minutes・・・・・・・・7,100yen
  • ・60minutes・・・・・・・・14,200yen
  • ・90minutes・・・・・・・・21,300yen
  • ・120minutes・・ ・・・・・28,400yen
*Extend every 10 minutes・・・・2,300 yen
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Reservations / Contact
Zen Spa at Takefue

We recommend you to make an appointment in advance.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like use.
Please understand that it may not available due to availability.