Natural gardens surrounded by bamboo forest THE GARDEN TAKEZONO

Natural gardens surrounded by bamboo forest,plenty of negative ions of waterfalls as healing space・・・You will spend relax time at THE GARDEN TAKEZONO

please enjoy the takefue’s specious time and feel the wind, listening to a restle of bamboo forest and waterfall at GARDEN TAKEZONO. it is available for cafe during the day time and bar at night. Please visit us anytime.

*It is open from 11:00 to 23:00.
*It is available for day trip plan guest as well.

Light up

Its glow with something different from the expression of the day when waterfall are light up and THE GARDEN TAKEZONO adorned with a gentle light by lantern. Please experience the precious time surrounded by glorious waterfall and gentle lantern light.

A hammock

It will reduce the burred on the lower back of the body to distribute the weight across the back so different from a chair or sofa. Please experience the gentle comfort of bungle.

Please feel free to stop by cafe, bar or appreciation of light up at TAKEZONO. Reservations are not required but dinner.