Hot springs is important along with the limited resource we received from nature is grace. You will find a sink source over autologous intact all the blessing of nature at Takefue. Direct pull all open-air bath, indoor bath, footbath in the autologous source, does not have make any hydrolysis or heating and circulation.
Fountain source of warm in Takefue is located 68.1 degrees. Sink that performs over 100% withholding, to manage the spa temperature without any heating-hydrolysis that is no easy. "YUBANTOU(head clerk of hot springs)" in Takefue cleans the bath everyday, depending on temperature and weather of the day, the state of the source, "the set temperature of Takefue" to adjust the hot water out of the faucet, differ depending on the season the temperature of hot spring the effort so that every day. However, it is very difficult to manage the temperature, so you may feel the temperature of the hot spring hot or tepid sometimes. In Takefue, we established the valve springs in each bath. The valve spring, when hot is lukewarm when added to a bath, "the source of Takefue" twist the valve on the red, please adjust your "water bamboo" twist the valve on the light blue.
【light blue: bamboo grove water red: source springs】
※Some of the hot springs doesn't have the installation of the valve. In that case, please contact us at front.
Spring:42 degrees Summer: 41 degrees
Autumn: 42 degrees Winter: 43 degrees

Hot spring source's element of Takefue

Hot spring source's element of Takefue:image
貸切露天Component table spa


There is a beautiful skin with moisturizing natural ingredients, that make it slippery to promote the metabolism of the skin. Prepare the skin effect of ceramide can be expected. There is a whitening effect and give effect to the skin fresh and help the formation of collagen. In common, "skin effect" is 50mg/kg, "mighty skin effect" is 100mg/kg. In effect drinking has to repair the gastric mucosa, and there is a component that is used for stomach medicine.

336mg: metasilicate of Takefue

Chlorine ion

If you take a bath has a characteristic contains chlorine ion, there is a moisturizing effect to prevent the evaporation of sweat the adhesion of salt to the skin, the difficulty of Yuzame(feel a chill after a bath)easy to warm the body, blood circulation by hyperthermic effect we are said toe better. There is a bactericidal effect component of the wound, also known as hot water high also.

192.2mg: chlorine ion of Takefue

Sulfate ion

Sulfate ion is available in many action oxygenate the blood.Hot water that contains a sulfate ion has the effect of neuralgia, constipation and biliary tract disease, we are said to work to improve diabetes and gout.

171.1mg: sulfate ion of Takefue

Bicarbonate ion

It is said to moisturize the skin by moisturizing effect also is said to hot water that contains hydrogen carbonate ions, in order to soften the surface of the skin by the action of baking

284mg:Bicarbonate ion of Takefue

PH value

PH shows the amount of hydrogen an ion density of hot spring water. If the number is close to 1 means acidity, and close to 10 means alkalinity, and 6 - 7,5 are neutral. Human skin's PH is 4.5 - 6 and tap water, blood, sweat are neutral. Less damage for skin when hot springs water PH is close to human skin PH.

PH at Takefue : 6.41


Question about hot spring

  • Hot spring of Takefue is recuperation water?
  • Yes. Hot spring at Takefue is recuperation water. Recuperation water has medical treatment effect. A mineral spring which purpose of treatment by mineral spring analysis guide says temperature has to be over 25 degree and established by eight material. The temperature of Takefue's hot spring is 68.1 degree and 1282mg/kg of dissolved substances which is more than standard of 1000mg/kg.
  • Hot spring of Takefue is over flowing?
  • Yes. Takefune's hot springs is "sink source over 100%". This "flow over" means "sink over source" that can be classified in a way that the processing for the source of hot water to bath before,do not add water and heat. Feature of "flow over" is in many cases have not made the chemical, you can enjoy the original quality of hot spring.Furthermore,the "cyclic" form that paired with "flow over" is the hot water is supplied to the bath hot springs pumped pr mechanically seep naturally from the source, use filtration is circulated by accumulating and back in the tub again refers to a mixture of chlorine-based chemical.
  • Every hot springs are all over flowing?
  • Yes.Every spa facilities throughout the country have "hot spring" is not in the correct recognition, the bath of Takefue is all of "hot spring" of sink source over 100%.