To coexistence and co-prosperity at Takefue

  • Slopes
  • Takefue exist on the nature slope of about 30 degree so you might find passage made of rocks. We prepare footwear for guest who feel unclear scaffold at the front desk as your arrival. Please feel free to ask us particularly for women with high heel.
  • Insect
  • In about 16,500 square meters of the vast grounds, only 12 lodges are scattered away at Takefue. There are many benefits of nature such as strong bamboo and colored leaves but also coexistence of insect. So insect might visit your room sometimes but please understand that you are in such a nice place even insect want to live.
    Simply contact us at front desk, we will help return insect to nature from your room.
  • Temperature of hot spring
  • We adjust water temperature with concerning 100% natural source on each seasons; spring 42degree, summer 41 degree, fall 42 degree, winter 43 degree. However if you feel hot, please add bamboo water which our natural source to adjust for your comfortable temperature.
  • Limited natural sources
  • The water source of Takefue is limited resources, along with the blessings we received from nature. All of the 29 bathes are 100% sink over at Takefue.
    In addition, all of the Takefue's top water is mineral-rich fresh water springs fewer impurities from the water source.
    We would like you to experience the benefits of the nature forever.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to conserve water.
  • Music flows through the site
  • We think sound of bamboo swaying, wild birds, the river are one of the hospitality to pleasure the nature.
    However, there are many wild animals because of periphery location. We set healing music system by open air bath or hotel corridor to except wild beast. You might feel interfere but we appreciate your understanding and humble acknowledge.
  • Winter at Takefue
  • You might think Kyushu is tropical speaking place.
    Takefue is located in the place of an elevation of about 1000M. The temperature drops a few degrees compare to the plains and the cold of winter is severe. Especially, weather gets cold and snowy from December to next March. You will feel something special on snow day at hot springs. Experience unusual scene of Takefue such as snow covered bamboo or falling snowflakes to hot springs.
    We prepare short coat in your closet and also warm clothing and cold weather equipment are available at front desk.
    In addition, the road might gets freeze when below freezing, so please consider to prepare studless tire or tire chain.